Do you know what DIY is?

You have probably come across the acronym DIY on the web, right? Whether on YouTube, Facebook or in discussion forums, the truth is that the movement called “do it yourself” has gained more and more strength. But, all things considered, do you know what DIY is?

Well, the acronym means, in English, Take action Yourself (or do it yourself, in Portuguese). More than simply a term, DIY has turned into a lifestyle in that you simply are invited to create your personal furniture, clothes or electronic equipment.

Are you interested in the niche? So, take a look at all the details with this movement that’s become increasingly popular!

In the end, what is DIY?

Basically, we can claim that DIY is really a movement that encourages the creation of varied products, such as for instance furniture, electronic equipment, toys, hair creams, etc. Furthermore, through “do it yourself”, it can also be possible to discover ways to care for vegetable gardens, customize clothes and even build a tiny robot.

In general, the word identifies anything designed, modified or manufactured by the individual himself, without the aid of professionals. It is the famous “do it with your own personal hands&rdquo ;.

How did the movement come about?

DIY could have appeared in the United States, when people found methods to renovate their homes without spending a great deal – even before the 1920s. However, the word only became popular in the 1950s.

At the time, Take action Yourself could have gained strength from the underground punk scene, in which bands and musicians had a totally independent production (from composition to promotion and sale).

Furthermore, the DIY concept was associated with the anti-capitalist and anti-consumer ideas of the time. The concept was to create everyone able to produce what they consumed.

The movement has spread so much that, today, it has already been a reality in the lives of several people. What’s not lacking are people saving labor and putting the hands of the dough.

Form economy, the style is important for the preservation of the environment. In the end, many objects that went to waste started to be reused with DIY.

How to use the style?

DIY is very broad and therefore may be applied in a number of ways. To start with, it is essential to keep in mind that you don’t must be a professional in that which you are likely to do. Just search for knowledge and alternative solutions to accomplish the task.

There are numerous ways to use the style – from making your personal bread to building the electronics which it will be baked. For that, you can find help on several websites, YouTube channels, discussion forums and magazines, such as the American Make Magazine  ;.


Undoubtedly, joinery is one of the most used areas for DIY lovers. It is possible to utilize items of MDF, fair cases and even pallets to generate incredible furniture : bookcases, decorative niches, tables, beds, etc.

Obviously, there are very complicated projects. However, others may be easily executed. Just follow a detail by detail and have sufficient patience. Generally, you is only going to need sandpaper, nails, hammer, paint and brush.


Clothing customization is another area where DIY is widely applied. In it, the individual learns to cut, sew and modify various types of fabric. It is only possible to glue details – pearls, rhinestones, etc. – or completely transform a component!


What about building your personal robot? Did you find it impossible? Well know that there are people carrying this out with their very own hands and using unexpected objects,  like LEGO !


Are you surprised as you are able to build a robot yourself? Because know that there are numerous objects of your lifestyle – mouse, keyboard etc. – that can be carried out by yourself. However, not always using DIY techniques is synonymous with savings.


Perhaps you have imagined  improving the signal of a Wi-Fi  by installing customized software on your own router? Well know that that is also possible!

To take action, just determine if your device is compatible with open-source software. In that case, follow the manual and make your signal much better!