DAY 1:  MONDAY, 23rd April 2018

Keynote Presentation | Exhibition & Congress Opening Ceremony | Za’abeel Hall 4

Plenary Session 1: Measuring and Increasing Happiness for Public Transport | Za’abeel Hall 4

Description Customers at the centre of public transport services

  • Customers at the centre of public transport services
  • Going the extra mile for customers
  • Identifying metrics for measuring the quality of travel experience, the well-being of travellers and their travel behaviour and how this will help measure the competitiveness of public transport modes
  • Importance of quality of service and data driven design
Chair Anne-Laure Noat Chair of UITP Business and Human Resources Management Commission, Partner at Eurogroup Consulting, France
Keynote H.E. Ms. Ohoud Bint Khalfan Al Roumi Minister of State for Happiness, Director General of Prime Minister’s Office, UAE
Panellists Takao Nishiyama Executive Director in charge of Overseas Affairs, East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Japan
Aisha Bin Bishr Director General, Smart Dubai Office, United Arab Emirates
Bruno Charrade CEO of Transdev Latin America, South Europe and MENA, Chile
Roger Vahnberg Senior Vice President, Västtrafik, Sweden
Ahmed Albulushi CEO, Oman National Transport Company, Oman
Leila Frances President Middle East and Hyderabad and Chair of Keolis Downer, Keolis Group, Australia


Parallel Session 1:
 Pedestrianisation and Non-Motorised Travel | Za’abeel Hall 6A

  • Best practices/ case studies of pedestrianisation and non-motorised travel
  • The progress of e-bike-sharing and bike-sharing in MENA
  • Case studies on pedestrian areas in MENA
Panellists Muna Al Osaimi Director of Strategic Planning Department, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates
Kristian Brink Director Business Development South Europe, nextbike GmbH, Germany


Parallel Session 2: Public Transport Optimize! Using Data and Technology to Provide Exemplary Services With Less Resources | Za’abeel Hall 6B

  • How new technologies are creating a wealth of useful data
  • Innovation and Best Practices in Optimising Public Transport (Planning, Operations, Asset Management, Cost Reduction, Use of Big Data and Open Data, Real-Time Data Collection, Digitalisation, etc.)
  • Examples from MENA
Panellists  Mohammed Al Khayat Director of Smart Services Department, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates   
Melih Arpaci VP Sales – Mass Transit – M.I.R.S.E. – Mobility Management, Siemens AG, Germany Getting Connected – How Digitalization Is Changing The Mass Transit Business 
Mohab Abla Account Manager, Giro Inc., Canada Ridership data – A gold mine: How to align your service offer with the service demand
Günther Schuh CEO, e.Go Mover, Germany  
Guillaume Martinetti Chief Data Officer, RATP Dev, France  


Expo Session 1: Tools for Public Transport Optimisation | Za’abeel Hall 

Presenters TBC Industry Solutions Manager, Trapeze Group Asia Pacific, USA Realising Iiot’s Potential Through EAM to Master The Basics of Customer Satisfaction
Robert Müller Head of Product Definition Mobility, Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Smartnet 4.0 – An Integrated Asset Performance Management
Philippe Vappereau Chairman, Calypso Networks Association, Belgium Keyple Switches Ticketing Into The Open Source World
Zakaryae Boudi Economic Development & African Region Advisor, International Union of Railways (UIC), France PPPs for Transport Infrastructure Delivery in Morocco: Struggles & Opportunities
Hector Guillermo Lopez Ruiz  Research Fellow, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre (KAPSARC), Saudi Arabia Using satellite data for transportation and urban modelling


DAY 2:  TUESDAY, 24th April 2018

Plenary Session 2: MENA Public Transport Projects Showcase |  Za’abeel Hall 4

  • $106 billion of committed public transport projects in MENA. Hear from the owners.
  • What are their expectations for up and coming investment opportunities in MENA, from industry, operators in bus/rail and other Public Transport businesses in the region?
    • What can we learn from these projects?
    • Getting the political support
    • Finding the funding
    • Involvement of the private sector and international development agencies
    • Financing schemes/ PPP/ earmarked funds etc.
  • What these developments mean for public transport in their cities
  • The future of bus and rail for each city-planned projects and expected public spending
Chair Khalid Alhogail Chairman of MENA Executive Board, Managing Director – CEO, SAPTCO, Saudi Arabia
Keynote H.E. Abdullah Belhaif Alnuaimi  Minister of Infrastructure Development, United Arab Emirates
Panellists H.E. Nabil Al-Amoudi Minister of Transport, Saudi Arabia
H.E. Hesham Arafat Minister of Transport, Egypt
H.E. Walid Masri Minister of Transport, Jordan
Abdulmuhsen Younus Ibrahim CEO Rail Agency, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates | RTA Route 2020


Parallel Session 3: Public Transport and Meeting The Climate Challenge | Za’abeel Hall 6A

Description How Public Transport can meet challenges like air pollution and reducing emissions? 
Panellists Hao Chang International Business Development Vice General Manager, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd. China Electric Bus Initiative
Veronique Andries Eco-Design Director, Alstom Group, France Ecodesign@Alstom


Parallel Session 4: School Transport: Smart Innovations for Safety and Efficiency | Za’abeel Hall 6B


School bus transport represents a significant market in MENA. In addition to maintaining the highest safety standards, there are other challenges and opportunities including:

  • Regulations with technology
  • Smart school transport
  • Integration of school and public transport
Chair Barry Sudduth President, National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), United States of America
Keynote Abdulla Al Karam Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Panellists Sami Dubikhi CEO, Tatweer Educational Transportation Services Company (TTC), Saudi Arabia The new school bus initiative in MENA and the potential to integrate with mainstream public transport
Sian Thornthwaite Managing Director, Specialist Transport Consultancy (STC), United Kingdom Regulation with Technology
Raymond Melleady CEO, Capital District Transportation Authority in Albany, USA Smart School Transportation
Alexandra H. Robinson Executive Director for the Office of Pupil Transportation, New York City Department of Education, USA Special Need Buses
Steve Simmons President–Elect (Vice President),  National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), United States of America

Expo Session 2: E-Buses | Za’abeel Hall 5

Presenters Li Jianjun Product Manager, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd., China Connected Bus In Electric Era
Jochen Witzig Director, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany Electro Mobility for City Bus and Coach Applications – An Integral ZF System Approach
Alex de Jong Business Manager Public Transport, VDL Bus & Coach bv, the Netherlands Transition partner towards E-mobility


Plenary Session 3:  Financing and Governance of Public Transport In The Context of Slow Economic Growth | Za’abeel Hall 4

  • Public Transport funding in view of constrained public budgets
  • How digitalisation, automation and e-mobility are changing Public Transport: emerging business models
  • Revenue strategies: beyond the fare-box
  • Developing partnerships with the private sector
Chair Abdulmuhsen Younus Ibrahim CEO Rail Agency, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates  
Keynote Laurence Batlle President of the Executive Board, RATP Dev, France  
Panellists Ibrahim Al Haddad Director of Commercial & Investment Department, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates  
Peter Jones Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development, University College London (UCL) Centre for Transport Studies, United Kingdom  
Ian Jennings Senior Specialist, Urban Transport, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), United Kingdom  
Alan Thompson Director of Developments, Portland Design, United Kingdom


Parallel Session 5:  Safety and Security In Public Transport | Za’abeel Hall 6A

  • Safety management systems to enhance transport safety in MENA
  • Increasing focus on transport security
  • New technologies in safety and security
  • Gender consideration
Chair Jan Politiek Chairman of Security Commission and Chief Security Officer, Arriva Nederland, the Netherlands
Panellists Jacques Colliard Head of Security Division, International Union of Railways (UIC), France
Maher Shirah Director of Information Technology Department, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates
Mohammad Al Abbar Deputy Director, Dubai Police, United Arab Emirates


Parallel Session 6: Mapping and Understanding Paratransit/ Hybrid/ Informal Transport Systems In MENA Cities | Za’abeel Hall 6B

  • An overview of paratransit in MENA: Amman-Beirut-Cairo-Dubai
  • Showcase of mapping initiatives from MENA: Amman-Beirut-Cairo
  • Nairobi project: what can we learn?
  • An effective approach to mainstream and integrate paratransit systems in MENA
Chair Richard Probst Deputy Resident Director and Coordinator of Regional Programs, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Jordan
Panellists Devin de Vries CEO, WhereIsMyTransport, South Africa Unlocking Mobility Solutions in African Cities through unprecedented Access to Data
Hazem Zuraiqat Founder, Maan Nassel, Jordan  
Mohammed Hegazy Founder, Transport for Cairo, Egypt  


DAY 3:  WEDNESDAY, 25th April 2018

Plenary Session 4: Public Transport Into The Future | Za’abeel Hall 4

  • Industry leaders, visionaries and pioneers discuss the latest in mobility and answer the question: How will MENA cities look in 10-20 years?
  • What is the business model of the future: Is it shared or individual transport that will rule? Are we heading for a world without privately owned cars?
  • How fast does Public Transport need to go and at what cost?
  • Will flying vehicles take off? How long will it be until public transport will be in the sky?
  • New safety and security challenges, how long will it take for regulations to catch up?
  • Can the MENA region be a global platform for mobility innovation?
Chair Mohamed Mezghani Secretary General, UITP, Belgium
Panellists Ahmed Barozyan CEO Public Transport Agency, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates
Bibop G. Gresta Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, United Arab Emirates
Ralf Baron Head of Arthur D. Little Global  Travel & Transportation Practice, Germany
Joanne Kubba Director of Public Policy for Middle East and Africa, Uber, United Arab Emirates


Parallel Session 7: Smart Applications in MENA cities and Mobility as a Service | Za’abeel Hall 6A

  • How to integrate public transport using smart solutions
  • Traveller information, smart cards and ticketing advancements
  • How can MENA Cities Embrace Shared Mobility?
  • Smart designs for stations, buses and rail
  • Retail Model: How to market, package, bundle MaaS?
  • Right Mix Model: How to span the right blend of mobility options, both public and private?
Chair Abdulla Al Madani CEO Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates
Panellists Adel Shakri Director of Transportation Systems Department, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates  
Eyad Tayeb Business Development Manager, Innovation in Traffic Systems FZE (INIT), United Arab Emirates  
Stefan Gemperli Business Development Director, Giro Inc., Canada Integrated Mobility: How demand-responsive service can efficiently complement fixed-route service
Alexander Nase Managing Director, FEV Consulting GmbH, Germany  


Parallel Session 8: The Future of Taxis and Ride Hailing Apps | Za’abeel Hall 6B

  • Current expansion across MENA cities
  • How ride-hailing apps are affecting access to public transport ridership
  • How authorities are dealing with ride-hailing apps across MENA in terms of:
    • Regulations and laws
    • Investments and partnerships
    • Access to data
  • How ride-hailing apps are affecting socio-economic indicators like access to jobs/education
  • Gender dynamics of ride-hailing in MENA
  • Ride-hailing apps in the future: are they shifting to a public transport model?
Chair Yousif Al Ali CEO Dubai Taxi Corporation, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates  
Panellists Mohammed Abubaker Al Hashimi Director of Planning & Business Development Department, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), United Arab Emirates Experience of Dubai in Shared Mobility and Mobility As A Service- Ride Hailing Apps
Ismail Vadi Member of the Executive Council, Roads and Transport of Gauteng, South Africa  
Joseph Salem Principal, Arthur D. Little Middle East FZ-LLC, United Arab Emirates  


Expo Session 3: Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transport | Za’abeel Hall 5

Presenters Remy Chaintreau Sales Vice President, Navya, France Autonomous Vehicles and Sustainable Mobility
Philippe Leguay International Director Urban Railway Systems Metros, Keolis Group, France How Could We Improve Significantly Full Driverless Goa4 Metro Transport Systems?
Bruno Schwager Director, Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, Switzerland Swiss Autonomous Vehicle
Dennis Mica Business Development, 2getthere, the Netherlands  
Fabrice Toulouse Smart Mobility Director, Alstom Group, France  


Closing Ceremony |  Za’abeel Hall 4